LAHORE (Web Desk) – Ruet-e-Hilal committee chair and religious scholar Mufti Abdul Qawi has said that he is always on the lookout for pretty women at the airport. He also said that he often joins the queue with the “prettiest” air-hostess while boarding flights.

Speaking to a private news channel on Sunday, the Mufti said, “According to hadith, if you see a pretty woman, approach her and ask her to make a prayer for you,” adding that God is likely to accept the prayers of those he has blessed with beauty.

Narrating an incident from a couple of years ago, he said, “Once, I was having problems booking a flight to Multan so that I could confirm moon-sightings over there.” According to the Mufti, the flight was overbooked, and missing it would have also caused him to miss out on leading the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers in Lahore the next day.

However, Qawi admits that putting the above hadith into practice did the trick, allowing him to board the overbooked flight.

“When I approached the female PIA officer at the help desk and told her how pretty I thought she was, she promptly gave me a boarding pass,” he explained.

This is not the first time the controversial Mufti has made statements gaining nationwide media attention. Earlier in March, he reportedly told a private news channel that Muslim men and women could have as many nikkahs as they wanted, as long as both parties were in agreement.

A few years ago, the Mufti also entered into a much-publicized on-air argument with Veena Malik, who he claimed was bringing shame to the name of Muslim women after her now-abandoned exploits in the Indian entertainment industry, including an appearance on popular reality show Big Boss.

During the argument, Malik had accused the Mufti of assassinating her character, simply because she was a woman.