LOS ANGELES – A woman in United States has been arrested for beating a McDonald’s manager after discovering there was not enough ketchup in her meal.

Mayra Berenice Gallo, 24, had visited the drive-through at the fast food outlet in the town of Santa Ana, California last month.

As soon she found out that her meal did not have ketchup, an infuriated Gallo stormed into the McDonalad’s through the employee back entrance and started pushing and choking the victim after being told she couldn’t be in that area.

“She was irate that she didn’t get ketchup,” a Santa Ana police spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday, confirming her arrest over the assault.

The incident, which was caught on camera, ended after a man accompanying Gallo pulled her away.

Berenice was arrested on Tuesday after the police received tips from the public. She faces assault charges.