LAHORE (Staff Report) – The race for rating is real and Pakistani TV channels can go to any extent to gain the highest ratings.

In a highly bizarre incident on a recorded show, a middle-aged woman burst into tears when asked about children. She told the morning show host, Nida Yasir, that she had been married for last 15 years but could not produce children.

The morning show was aired on December 21 last year.

The unnamed woman who was actually paid for a show of overwhelming emotions went into every detail about her infertility. Quite a melodrama it was, grabbing attention of every couple watching the program, when she wished for having a daughter.

However, only two months later on Feb 11, 2016, the same woman appeared on the TV screens, in the same TV program, revealing that she had two sons already. Either this means that an unprecedented miracle occurred to that woman or participants on Nida Yasir show regularly lie to make the show more interesting.

You decide.