JERUSALEM – Israeli Holocaust survivor which was known as the oldest man in the world certified last year by Guinness world record, died on Friday at the age of 113.

Yisrael Kristal was born in Poland on sep.15,1903 and survived the  Auschwitz death camp, where his first wife with children were killed by the Nazis.

An estimated 1.3 million people were sent to Auschwitz during World War II, of whom at least 1.1 million died, including at least 960,000 Jews but Kristal was fortunate enough to have survived the massacre.

He married again after the war and moved to Israel in 1950. Mr Kristal was awarded a Guinness certificate as the world’s oldest man on March 11, 2016, when he was 112 years and 178 days old.

Nonetheless, Kristal was not the one to have lived maximum years in the current era.

Earlier, Jeanne Calment, a French woman, had the longest confirmed human lifespan, according to Guinness. She died in 1997 at the age of 122.