NEW DELHI (APP) – A truck and an overcrowded autorickshaw collided in southern India on Sunday, killing 10 members of the same family and five other passengers, according to police.

Many of the victims were children from the family which was crammed into the autorickshaw and travelling to a temple in Telangana state late Saturday.

The three-wheeler, carrying 18 people in total, rammed into the truck in Adilabad district, local police spokesman Gurudev, told AFP by phone.

“Fifteen people died and eight of them were children, unfortunately. Even the driver didn’t survive,” Gurudev said, adding that all the victims were from the autorickshaw. “The roads are in bad condition in that area and it was dark. There is road construction happening on one stretch, converging two lanes into one. That may have caused the accident,” he said.

Many of those in the autorickshaw were brick kiln labourers from the western state of Maharashtra who had migrated to Telangana for work.