NEW DELHI (Staff Report) – Over 25,000 farmers in India have written a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee, seeking permission to commit suicide on Independence Day, reports Indian local media.

The farmers were forced to take the drastic move because of government of India’s failure to pay the farmers for land lost to the construction of the Gokul Barrage.

The letter read that the farmers would either hang themselves or commit self-immolation on August 15 if the government fails to act.

One destitute farmer told NDTV, “We have lost all and want to end our lives. We want the president’s permission.”

While another farmer, accused the government of ignoring their interests.

Times of India reported one farmer saying, “We demand compensation for the land acquired from us years ago for construction of Gokul Barrage. We are left with no land to grow food for children and are forced to do petty jobs.”