GHOR (Web Desk) – A video released on internet shows an Afghan woman being publicly lashed as punishment for alleged adultery in Ghor province of Afghanistan, reported Mail Online.

Public lashings and executions were common under the Taliban, who enforced a strict interpretation of Shariah law from 1996-2001. The Taliban were ousted from power by a US-led coalition and such punishments are now rare.

The footage showed a woman wrapped in a head-to-toe burqa and a man being whipped by a man in a turban wielding a leather whip, watched by a group of men seated in a circle.

The sentencing was backed by the government in Ghor province, where the trial took place.

“They had relations a long time ago but were arrested early this month,” a spokesman for governor Seema Jowenda said. “Their punishment is based on Shariah law and will teach others a lesson.”

Meanwhile, a female Afghan activist has protested naked against the public lashings of the woman.