WELLINGTON (Web Desk) – A helicopter crashed in New Zealand on Saturday, killing all seven people on board, the BBC reported.

Four British tourists and two Australians were killed when their sightseeing helicopter crashed into a deep ravine while flying over a New Zealand glacier.

The single-engine Squirrel helicopter plummeted into the Fox Glacier on the western coast of New Zealand’s south Island.

A rescue team confirmed there were no survivors and it may take several days to recover the bodies, according to the Mail Online.

A shocking photograph has emerged of the mangled wreckage of a commercial helicopter which crashed in bad weather, claiming the lives of all seven people on board.


The helicopter is seen wedged between two huge blocks of ice after it plunged into Fox Glacier, on the western coast of New Zealand’s south island on Saturday, 1pm local time.

Debris is spread across hundreds of metres and scorch marks are seen well above the carnage where the impact occurred.

The poor conditions and fading light are delaying emergency services from reaching the wreckage and bodies of the victims.


The glacier, on the remote west coast of South Island, is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.

In 2010, nine people died when a plane carrying skydivers – which was heading to Fox Glacier – crashed shortly after take-off.