BAGHDAD – At least 21 people were killed and 45 more injured after two bomb blasts ripped through a crowded marketplace in central Baghdad, Iraqi police said on Saturday.

The attacks happened early on Saturday morning in Al-Sinaq, a busy market selling car accessories, food and clothes as well as agricultural seeds and machinery.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for what was the deadliest attack to hit the capital since mid-October but the militant Islamic State (IS) group has claimed nearly all such bombings.


Baghdad has been on high alert since the start on October 17 of an offensive, Iraq’s largest military operation in years, to retake the northern militant stronghold of Mosul.

The area that was targeted on Saturday is packed with wholesale markets and usually teeming with daily laborers unloading vans and wheeling carts around.


Casualty estimates from police and medical officials ranged from 19 to 23 dead, the BBC reported.