At least 10 dead, dozens feared trapped as building collapses in Mumbai

  • Rescue operation is underway to save trapped under debris

MUMBAI – At least ten people have died and more deaths feared as a five-storey building collapsed on Thursday morning in Mumbai trapping over 30 people.

Rescued operation is underway in Bhendi Bazaar area where reportedly 100 years old building toppled after Mumbai received heaviest rain in 12 years on Tuesday.

After the incident, rescue officials and police reached the site and started recovering people from the rubble. So far, four dead bodies have been pulled out, besides rescuing four people. It is feared that more than 20 people are still trapped under the debris.

According to NDTV, nine families were living in the old and dilapidated Arsiwala building on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road in the busy marketplace. It is unclear whether building was on a list of precarious structures or not.

Last month, 17 people had lost their lives after a four-storey building toppled in an eastern suburb of Mumbai.