LONDON (Web desk) – Several studies over the last decade have found evidence to suggest that sex is directly linked with happiness. But now, in the first study of its kind, a team of US scientists has upended the common notion that having more sex will make you happier.

More surprising is that more sex might even generate unhappiness, George Leowenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, and his colleagues report in their recent paper, which looks at the happiness of couples who have varying amounts of sex every week.

When questioned afterwards by Leowensteain, couples who had sex more were not happier – saying that the increase in frequency led to them feeling less desire for each other.

The couples also enjoyed having sex less when they were ‘doing it’ more. ‘The desire to have sex decreases much more quickly than the enjoyment of sex once it’s been initiated,’ said Tamar Krishnamurti of Carnegie Mellon University.

‘Instead of focusing on increasing sexual frequency to the levels they experienced at the beginning of a relationship, couples may want to work on creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun.’

Courtesy: The Independent