LONDON – UK’s lower house of Parliament approved legislation for Brexit allowing the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to officially begin the process.

Following the approval of House of Commons, now the legislation will be put before the House of Lords for a final decision later this month.

The CNN reported that members of the House of Commons had already favoured the Brexit bill for leaving the European Union, and a seven-hour debate on amendments preceded the final vote, which was 494 MPs in favor and 122 against.

David Davis, the secretary of state for exiting the European Union, termed the vote “historic.”

“It has been a serious and healthy debate, with contributions from MPs representing all parts of the UK, and I respect the bold views on all sides,” he said.

The leader of the main opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has asked his MPs to support the bill. But a sticking point remained over how much say MPs will have on a final Brexit deal with the EU.

The House of Lords has two options: Approve the bill after several readings and debates and approve it on for royal assent to be signed into law; or make amendments to the bill and send it back to the lower house for further debate and votes.