NEW DELHI – The unrelenting rivalry between India and Pakistan is now set to split two best friends apart as the diplomatic relations between the two countries escalate, disallowing regular travel.

Indian journalist Purvi Thacker on Tuesday complained to India’s Minister of External affairs, Sushma Swaraj on Twitter that her Pakistani best friend, Sarah Munir’s visa application to India for her wedding was rejected.

Thacker vented her ire on social media and tagged Ms Swaraj’s official Twitter handle yesterday, hoping for a response.

“For all those who know mine and Sarah Munir’s friendship, you will understand how heartbroken we are that her visa application to India for my wedding in December was denied.” ”That my best friend cannot be there for what will be my biggest day is something that I cannot come to terms with.”

However, Sushma Swaraj has not yet replied, Indian media reported.

“Forget the hustling, the paperwork, the months of coordination and prayers- we didn’t know that it would end with a rejection,” Thacker’s Facebook post read.