TORONTO – Prime Minister of Canada and internet darling Justin Trudeau has shown the rest of the world’s leaders how to do publicity once again – by bringing his three-year-old to the office.

A prime minister’s business never stops – his official itinerary for the day included a national caucus meeting, questions in the House of Commons, and a meeting with the university presidents.

But he still found time for hide-and-seek.

Little Hadrien Trudeau literally had the run of the place – illustrious marble corridors and all – and stole the show in a series of photos posted to social media.

The duo were also photographed handling the press and politicians – distracting both groups from their serious work.

“So precious … I’m old enough to remember seeing photos released of you and your dad [former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau] when you were little,” one Facebook commenter volunteered.

“Whether it’s good for PR or not, you can’t call Mr Trudeau anything but a family man,” another wrote.
Of course, it’s not the first time the 45-year-old internet-savvy politician has caught global attention.

The liberal politician has been applauded by his supporters for supporting Syrian refugees, marching at a gay pride parade, and openly declaring himself a feminist.

Last week, Syrian refugees in Canada named their child after him, he’s tackled quantum computing off-the-cuff – and even dealt with Donald Trump.