WASHINGTON – Hours after the Trump administration targeted Syrian airbase after reports of an alleged chemical attack, Donald Trump’s old tweets related to Syria went viral.

As the situation in Assad-led Syria was passing through turbulence during Barack Obama’s second stint, the then real estate tycoon Donald Trump advised him to stay away from Syria.

But his latest assualt on an airbase in Syria led to political analysts investigating his earlier tweets in which he advised Obama to get congressional green light before launching attack on Syria, which he himself did not get on Friday.

Back in 2013, Trump repeatedly told Obama not to go into Syria.

In another tweet, Trump cautioned that US would look bad after attacking Syria.

Trump kept on reiterating his stance through the micro-blogging site.

The only thing which Trump did last night in line with his advise to Obama was a surprise attack.

It may be mentioned here that a US strike carried out on Friday at a Syrian airbase killed four soldiers and destroyed its all facilities, a monitoring group said.

“An air commodore was among the four soldiers killed,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed.

“The airbase was almost completely destroyed — the runway, the fuel tanks and the air defences were all blown to pieces,” the Britain-based monitoring group said.