MAPUTO – The Boeing 737-700 jet plane carrying 80 passengers and six crew members on board collided with a drone while it approached the city of Tete in Mozambique.

The aircraft is owned by Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM) and was travelling from Maputo in the south of the country as LAM Flight TM136.

The drone caused extensive damage to the right-hand side of its nose dome and fuselage, but the plane landed at the airport safely, with no injuries.


The airline said in a statement that the crew “heard a loud bang” when the plane was still in the air, but “it didn’t disrupt the normal conduct of the flight.”

the investigation is underway to know about drone and its owner. It is also being investigated how it made its way into airspace.

If the object is confirmed as a drone, it would be one of the first remote-controlled aircraft worldwide to collide with a passenger jet.

Repairs were carried out on the tarmac to fix the jet’s nose and fuselage.