NEW DELHI – An Indian fringe group ‘Hindu Sena’ on Wednesday celebrated the victory of Donald Trump soon after the real estate magnate stunned everyone with a landslide victory.

The far-right nationalist group was beating the drums days before the presidential tussle and also tweeted the celebrations in advance but the joy of group boosted as the news of Donald trump bagging victory made airwaves across the globe.

The Chief of  ‘Hindu Sena’ outfit, Vishnu Gupta said supporters had taken to the streets to bang traditional drums even before Trump claimed victory and would also distribute celebratory sweets.

“We predicted that he would win five days ago, there is a huge support for him, his ideas, and we could see that” Gupta added.

Gupta also repeated India’s rhetoric against Pakistan adding that India would join hands with Trump in a bid to quash terrorism.

“Now terrorists will be hunted everywhere in the world, even if they go and hide in a cave. Now only God can help Pakistan. India will now have the support of the US in our efforts against terrorists. We will be together in this. Donald Trump will do what no other US president has been able to do before. We are happy. All terrorists should now run and hide” he added.

Trump’s hard-line stance against Muslims earned him much popularity in different parts of the world including India which still has scores of zealot groups.