PRIS – The recently elected president’s Republic On The Move (LREM) party has gained enough votes in the first round of France’s parliamentary election Sunday that would see it secure an overwhelming parliamentary majority, projections show.

Macron’s party and its allies have won the biggest share of the vote in the first round of the elections based on a partial count of ballots, the French interior ministry has announced.

Macron’s party scores 32 percent, AFP reports citing projections.

Such a result could land the one-year-old political force with as much as three quarters of lower house seats when the second round results come in on June 18.

While an Elabe poll projects 32 percent for Macron’s party and its center-right Modem ally, it further says that conservative Republicans and their allies received almost 21 percent of the votes. If confirmed, the Republicans headed by Francois Fillon would become the largest opposition force with up to 100 seats in the 577-member 15th National Assembly.

Macron’s main rival in the recent presidential elections, Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front scored 13 percent, according to Elabe.