RIYADH – A groom in Saudi Arabia filed for divorce just two hours after his marriage because the bride broke an agreement that required bride to not to share pictures of the ceremony on Snapchat.

“There was a prenuptial agreement between my sister and her fiancé that she would not use social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to post or send her pictures,” the bride’s brother said.

Upon learning that pictures of the wedding had been shared on the social media platform, the groom immediately filed for divorce. The agreement not to share pictures or video of the ceremony was said to be a binding one, Saudi officials reported.

“It was included in the marriage contract and became binding. Regretfully, my sister did not honour the pledge and used Snapchat to share pictures from the wedding ceremony with her female friends, resulting in the shocking decision by the groom to cancel their marriage and call for divorce,” he added.