LONDON – A taxi driver, who was brutally thrashed by a man while helping a distressed woman, may lose his eyesight.

Ishfaq Hussain, 38, a father of four, was punched in the face by violent partner of the lady in Kingswinford, Dudley, after picking up the woman in need, the Metro reported.

He went to pick up a fare at 10.30pm on Saturday night when the distressed passenger is said to have ‘dived’ into his cab.

‘She said, “move, move, just get out of here before he comes”,’ Shaz Saleem, chairman of Dudley Private Hire & Taxi Association, told the Birmingham Mail.

‘He was parked in an awkward position and reversed a little bit, and this man came out and banged on the bonnet and opened the driver’s door and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

‘The woman was screaming. He remembers the first punch, and that was it.’

Hussain was knocked out. When he came round, other drivers had rushed to his aid and the police had been called.

He was rushed to Russells Hall Hospital and then City Hospital, before eventually being discharged at 6pm on Sunday.

The driver, who works for Fastline Taxis, is now waiting to find out the full extent of the damage to his eye. He’s concerned that, if his sight doesn’t fully recover, he may not be able to work, the Metro report added.