LONDON – Former British Premier David Cameron who left the office after Britain’s voted in favor of Brexit is reportedly charging a whooping £120,000 per hour for speeches on Brexit.

Cameron who opted resignation in September following the decision of masses to pull out of European Union is now making hefty amount of money through his speeches.

The former premier is now giving paid talks about his experiences inside 10 Downing Street and recently charged £120,000 for one hour long talk according to a report by ‘Daily Mail’. The sum equates to £2,000 per minute.

Mr Cameron reportedly gave the talk to Blackstone Properties in New York and discussed the fallout from his failed bid for a Remain vote in the Brexit referendum.

Interestingly, Cameron received salary £143,462 per year as Prime Minister, a figure much lower than what he is taking home now.

This is not the first time, a Prime Minister has explored option to deliver speeches after leaving office. Mr Cameron’s former coalition partner Nick Clegg has reportedly signed with an agency to charge a £35,000 booking fee for appearances.

Fees for former premiers are said to be even higher in the US, where Bill Clinton once bagged more than $16.3 million in one year for 72 speeches.