NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – The Indian extremist group, Hindu Mahasabha Wednesday announced to commemorate the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, as martyrdom day at district level in all states on 15 November.

The Hindu Mahasabha plans to hold blood donation camps and distribute literature by a co-accused in Gandhi’s assassination and the younger brother of Nathuram Godse, Gopal Godse.

The Indian media quoted the president of Hindu Mahasabha Chandra Prakash Kaushik as saying that India is a democracy and let the public decide whether Nathuram was right and a patriot or a traitor.

“Whether Gandhi is truly the nation’s father or not, the people should decide”, he added.

Nathuram Godse had killed Gandhi at Delhi’s Birla Mandir on 30 January, 1948 and was sentenced to death on 8 November, 1949 after a trial.

Godse was hanged in Ambala jail on 15 November, 1949.