NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator, said on Friday that he would vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US presidential elections.

The announcement came more than two weeks after Hillary Clinton became the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee. Refusing to concede defeat, Sanders had earlier said that he was focused on winning over the Democratic party platform to his side, CNN reported.

However, this week Sanders changed tack and stressed the importance of securing a Democratic White House for the next 5 year term. “My job right now as a candidate is to fight to make sure that the Democratic Party has the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party,” Sanders said.

However, he still fell short of saying he would fully endorse Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, when the party will finally decide on its presidential candidate, saying that he was waiting to see what she says about his priorities. He also would not say explicitly, when pressed by Cuomo, that she had won the nomination fairly.

“I think the system has many, many flaws, but we knew what we were getting into,” Sanders told Cuomo. “I’m not saying that they changed the rules. No, they didn’t.”

But he also expressed time and again that he was working to defeat Trump. Asked if the lack of a wholesale endorsement for Clinton meant he would be voting Trump, Sanders said, “Oh, God no.”