WASHINGTON (News Desk) – While it remains a widely accepted fact that India triggered a nuclear race in South Asia, a latest report of United States based magazine Foreign Policy has revealed that India is secretly building region’s largest military controlled ‘nuclear-city’ to produce a considerable amount of hydrogen bombs in Challakere city of Karnataka state.

The secret city includes secret uranium enrichment plant, centrifuges, nuclear research labs, and weapons and aircraft testing facilities and is expected to be completed in 2017.

The report, which comprises of the statements of former American and Indian defence officials, said that construction of largest nuclear complex in a country which has bad ties with neighbouring countries Pakistan and China, which are also nuclear states, is really dangerous factor.

“A far more dangerous situation is that a large stockpile of uranium which due to be provided by United States to India is expected to be used in production of thermos bombs instead of meeting power sector needs,” the experts have been quoted as saying in the report.

A former top official of White House has been mentioned in the report saying that United States was long ago aware of Indian move to construct a nuclear city and it was monitored on regular basis.

However the report did not carry any details whether United States had taken up the matter with Indian government while signing civil nuclear deal or providing advanced nuclear technologies or not.