Indian Muslims celebrated Pakistan’s victory over their own country in the Champions Trophy final with defiant pro-Pakistan chants and firecrackers.

A day after the occupied valley of Kashmir echoed with pro-Pakistan chants, the predominantly Muslim localities in other parts of the India also surprisingly cheered the Pakistani team, giving strong tremors across the country and infuriating right-wing supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Celebrations from Indian Muslims, who have long suffered from religious persecution, do not come as a surprise at a time when Hindu ultra-nationalist party is ruling the country. However, this didn’t go well with ‘saffron men’ who have accused Muslims of being traitors.

While Delhi’s streets went deserted and presented a gloomy picture after the game ended, Muslim localities cheered up apparently both as a protest against the persecution at the hands of Hindu ultranationalists and celebration on the victory.

Celebrating the victory of Pakistani team in India can lead to serious charges of sedition and severe punishment. Indian forces in the past have resorted to indiscriminate crackdown on the Kashmiri Muslims for celebrating Pakistan’s victory.