WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – After noticing a very large number of criminals using Instagram to post pictures of their drugs, money, and expensive illicit purchases, the DEA teamed up with the FBI to set up sting operations to take these guys down.

In one weekend, they conducted over 200 sting operations around the country and arrested over 350 drug dealers thanks to their Instagram pictures.  The Feds seized over $2 million cash, $500,000 in stolen goods, 300 pounds of harvested marijuana, 400 marijuana plants, and over 50 pounds of cocaine. The total came in at a $7 million street value.


One such drug dealer, Tyrell Jones of Minneapolis, posted a picture of a remote warehouse where he stored his drugs bragging about “moving weight” in the caption.  Unfortunately for him, he unknowingly geotagged the photo leading police directly to him.  Law enforcement officials found Jones inside the warehouse and took him into custody without incident.

Lab technicians set up a working line to tests dozens of bags containing cocaine before they are burned by Interior Ministry agents at a police premises in Ate, outskirts of Lima on December 21, 2010. According to Interior Minister Miguel Hidalgo, with today’s burn more than forty tones of drugs, mostly cocaine, have been destroyed by the Peruvian government this year so far, doubling the twenty-nine tonnes amount incinerated in 2009.   AFP PHOTO/CRS BOURONCLE (Photo credit should read CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Jones also had pictures and videos of his crew selling drugs to neighborhood school kids.  In one video Jones says, “These kids got money too. They can just served just like the rest of them.” In another photo, Jones brags about police not being smart enough to catch him.


I’m glad these narcissistic drug dealers have been dealt with – check out some of the Instagram posts below.