CANBERRA – A five-year-old Australian child, who was genetically born as a boy will undergo surgery to become a female after the Family Court agreed to a request by the parents to remove the child’s gonads.

The child, known only as Carla, identifies as a girl but has no female reproductive organs, Family Court documents show.

Intersex is a broad term given to people having a combination of sexual traits or characteristics, sexual ambiguity is one of the main reasons why intersex are considered ‘misfits’.

The court approved a request by Carla’s parents to surgically remove male gonads inside her body.

Carla’s mother noticed swelling around the vulva, she underwent tests and it was revealed she had male and not female reproductive organs.

Her male gonads were simply tucked inside her body, making her genital area appear similar to that of a typical female’s.

Once referred to as hermaphrodites, babies born similar to Carla were often assigned a gender at birth.
With the help of surgery, babies had their sex decided for them.