PALMYRA (Web Desk) – Islamic State militants have destroyed Palmyra’s ancient temple of Baalshamin, Syrian officials and activists say.

Syria’s head of antiquities was quoted as saying the temple was blown up on Sunday. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that it happened one month ago.

IS took control of Palmyra in May, sparking fears the group might demolish the Unesco World Heritage site, BBC reported.

The group has destroyed several ancient sites in Iraq.

IS “placed a large quantity of explosives in the temple of Baalshamin and then blew it up causing much damage to the temple,” Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim said.

Palmyra is famed for its well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins.

According to BBC arts correspondent, the temple built nearly 2,000 years ago was primarily a Roman era artefact. It was dedicated to the Phoenician god of storms and fertilising rains.