MOUNT ARAFAT – Imam-e-Kaaba, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais in his Hajj sermon on Sunday said that it is the responsibility of the Islamic clerics to stop violence, adding that terrorists have misguided youth into killings and hostility.

The Imam was delivering the Hajj sermon at the Namirah Mosque where he said that sectarianism has found roots among Muslims. He said that Islam has no links with terrorism and terrorists are trying to weaken the Ummah through bomb blasts.

“Palestine is Muslim Ummah’s biggest issue,” said the Imam, adding that Muslims should struggle for the freedom of ‘Kibla-e-awal.’

For the first time in years, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz al Sheikh did not give his traditional Arafat sermon. Okaz newspaper cited health reasons but Sheikh still attended the sermon given in his place by the Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque.

“Muslim rulers will have to address the collective problems realising their responsibilities. Terrorism is the biggest problem and Islam has no link with it. Terrorists have no religion,” Radio Pakistan quoted the Imam as saying.