JERUSALEM (Web Desk) – Israel’s parliament has passed into law the ability to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike amid vehement opposition and violating international law.

With 46 politicians in favour and 40 opposed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to get a narrow win after a lengthy parliamentary debate to pass this medically opposed law, reports Al Jazeera.

Force-feeding violates international law. International community and humanitarian organisations including International Red Cross, the World Medical Association and the United Nations, have recognized the right of prisoners of sound mind to go on a hunger strike.

However, Israel says it is concerned that hunger strikes by Palestinians in its jails could end in death and trigger waves of protests in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israel’s Medical Association has strongly protested against this law. “Force-feeding amounts to rape, there is not difference. They are urging all doctors not to undertake this, saying it goes against all medical ethics and their beliefs,” said the doctors.