JERUSELUM (News Desk) – Israeli forces on Sunday stormed the al-Aqsa mosque compound, causing injuries to several Palestinians fasting and observing Ramzan Ihtikaf, the Al Arabiya reported.

Around a dozen people were also taken into custody and shifted to an undisclosed location afterwards. The incident took place after Israeli authorities opened one of the mosque’s gates for the entry of Jews, which was widely protested by Palestinians.

This is the first time that the newly settled Jews have been allowed to enter into al-Aqsa during the last ten days of Ramzan.

On the occasion, a clash also took place between Palestinians and Jewish settlers, during which the Israeli forces also entered into the mosque, torturing and humiliating the people and fasting and observing Ihtikaf.

Reacting to the happening, Palestinian authorities have termed the entry of Jews into al-Aqsa during last days of Ramzan as a violation of agreed treaties between both sides.