KABUL (Web Desk) – A high-ranking Indian army officer, deputed as Defence Attache in Kabul, has been expelled from the country after being charged with rape of an Afghan girl.

Media reports suggested Wednesday that Brigadier SK Narain was expelled from Afghanistan after he was found guilty of raping an Afghan girl who had approached his office for help.

The victim girl had reportedly approached the Indian Embassy earlier to obtain a scholarship. She was raped on the premises, the reports in Afghan media said.

Taking notice of the incident, the Afghanistan government immediately expelled the Indian Army officer from the country. However, no criminal proceedings were initiated against the Indian army officer.

This is not the first time an Indian national has been brought to the spotlight for rape, as this heinous crime is prevalent in its society and armed forces.

Few weeks ago, three Indian Army soldiers raped an Indian girl while on a moving train. Also, the Indian army personnel have also regularly been accused of committing mass rape in Indian-occupied Kashmir, and have also been involved in incidents of rape while on deputation at UN missions abroad.

New Delhi, the nation’s capital, has one of the highest number of reported rape cases in the world.

Similarly, on June 18, two Indian cricket officials were arrested on the charge of raping a Zimbabwean woman.