SEOUL (Staff Report) – Husbands are the most untrustworthy group of people in South Korea, an analysis of big data revealed on Friday.

The analysis, which included 530 million posts on domestic blogs and community forums over the past three years and five months, revealed that in the list of  “The 10 most suspicious groups” fathers were ranked in eighth place, suggesting that Korea’s married men have failed to win the trust of both their spouses and children at large. On the flip side, wives did not make it to the list of  top 10 untrustworthy groups.

Friends are at the second place and colleagues at third place in the list while among professionals, doctors managed a ranking of sixth place in the top-10 list,

Daumsoft claims that mothers are rated at second place in the list of “the top-10 liars” while friends are at top and husbands at third place in this category.

“Husbands, fathers, mothers and children are included on the top-10 list of suspicious or lying people, indicating that trust between family members is being seriously shaken in Korea,” Daumsoft reported.