NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – In 1961 there were 746 girls for every 1,000 new born Indian boys while the number dropped to 914, according to 2011 census. In such a worrying situation Pune based Dr Ganesh Rakh is struggling to support the birth of female kids by charging no fees from the family if girl was born to them.

Dr Rakh, who runs a small hospital in Pune since 2007, says that most of the families, who come to his clinic for kid’s delivery, want to see baby boy born to them.

“If a baby boy was born the families over overwhelmingly celebrate it, but on the birth of girl the families start weeping and there are no celebrations or distribution of sweets,” he told BCC in an interview. He further added “usually it is hard for doctors to tell families that their patient has died however for me telling the families that a girl has born was even tougher.”

The families coming to me for treatment often tell me that some spiritual leader has assured them that only a boy will born this time, although personally I am not aware of any such medication which can ensure the birth of boy; Doctor said.

Keeping in view the situation, on January 3, 2012; Dr Ganesh Rakh and his team decided that they will celebrate the birth of every girl born in their hospital and they will charge no fees as well.

Since then 454 girls have born in our hospital and we have bore all expenses in a hope that it will reduce the sorrows of families which come to us expecting the birth of a baby boy, Doctor said while adding “today government appreciated my initiative and Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan called me a hero in a statement.”

All jubilant over his achievements, Dr Ganesh Rakh says that he will again start charging fees for the birth of girls when the people of India will start celebrating on girls’ births as well.