AHMEDABAD – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 94-year-old mother, Heeraben Modi, was seen on Tuesday queuing outside a bank in Ahmedabad to swap her old currency notes.

The wheelchair-bound Heeraben was helped inside by some relatives accompanying her. She then exchanged Rs 4,500 for new currency notes, news agency ANI reported.

Pictures of Heeraben lined up outside the bank have gone viral, with many hailing the gesture and her simple way of living. She is known to lead a simple life and has previously been seen travelling in public transport, including an auto-rickshaw.

Once at the counter, she can be seen signing the form. Heeraben seems to have been given on Rs 2000 note and two bundles of Rs 10 notes among other possible denominations.





It has been said that she refused to use the separate queue for senior citizens, that had been announced on Monday by the government her son leads.