MUMBAI (Web Desk) – A court in Mumbai has found 12 men guilty for their roles in the 2006 bombings of commuter trains, reported BBC.

The 12 men were accused of waging war against the nation, conspiracy and murder. One man was acquitted.

Kamal Ahamed Ansari (37), Tanvir Ahmed Ansari (37), Mohd Faisal Shaikh (36), Ehtesham Siddiqui (30), Mohammad Majid Shafi (32), Shaikh Alam Shaikh (41), Mohd Sajid Ansari (34), Muzzammil Shaikh (27), Soheil Mehmood Shaikh (43), Zamir Ahmad Shaikh (36), Naveed Hussain Khan (30) and Asif Khan (38) were convicted for these blasts.

One accused, Abdul Wahid Shaikh, was acquitted.

The serial bombings on 11 July 2006 killed 189 people and injured more than 800.

The attack was blamed on Indian Muslim militants backed by Pakistan, an allegation that Pakistan has denied.

Sentencing is expected to be pronounced on Monday after judge Yatin D Shinde hears arguments from the prosecutors and defence lawyers. The guilty face the death penalty or life in prison.

“Justice has been done for the people of Mumbai. I will ask for the strictest punishment when I argue for their sentences,” public prosecutor Raja Thakre told reporters.

Seven blasts ripped through trains in the evening rush hour on 11 July 2006.