NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Nestle India got in trouble once again when a live insect was found inside child nutrition powder Lactogen in Ghaziabad, leading to a raid on the shop selling the suspicious content. The food and drugs department has sealed the stock and sent the samples for examination, India Times reported on Saturday.

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Sachin Sharma and Meenu Sharma had bought many Lactogen powder boxes for their child a few days ago. They had fed one carton already to the child. When they opened the second carton of the powder, they were shocked to find a live insect inside the carton.

They immediately called a team of food and drugs department and lodged a formal complaint. The team acted on the complaint and raided the shop from where the cartons were bought.
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It is alleged that the child was unwell after consuming the powder. The shocking incident came to light on a day when Nestle announced that it would resume production of Maggi.

In June, the FSSAI had banned Maggi noodles saying it was “unsafe and hazardous” for consumption after finding lead levels beyond permissible limits. The company had withdrawn the instant noodles from the market. Nestle India had challenged the ban by FSSAI in the Bombay High Court.