LAHORE (Staff Report) – It has been fourteen years now since the twin towers of New York were allegedly attacked by Al-Qaeda and world still promises to never forget the deadly event that completely changed world, by trending #NeverForget911.

The hashtag on Friday became most discussed topic worldwide on micro-blogging website Twitter.

Millions of people around the globe took it to the social media network to share their feelings about 9/11 attacks. They paid homage to those who lost their lives in the incident and hoped that world would be a more safe and peaceful place in coming years.

Many others also criticized United States for using the act of terrorism as a reason to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. They mourned the deaths of thousands of civilians who became targets during War on Terrorism by both the forces and militants.

According available data as many as 2196 civilians were killed in twin towers as two hijacked planes crashed into the buildings. Another 418 people trying to rescue those stuck inside were also reported dead by the US media.