BIHAR (Web Desk) – A village in Indian state of Bihar called ‘Pakistan’ has boycotted the elections due to lack of development work in the area since independence.

The remote village, in Singhia panchayat in Purnea district of Seemanchal area, borders Bangladesh.

About 35 km from Purnea town, “Pakistan” is a glaring example of under development. There is no sign of any governmental intervention ever.

The village has no roads, electricity, school or even a primary health centre. The only link to the village is a creaky iron rail bridge over a narrow Kari Kosi river and that too was built just four years ago.

The villagers are naturally angry. “Why should we vote? Have you seen any sign of development in our village?

If a person falls sick we’ve to travel 8 km on foot to take him to the nearest health centre”, said Surendra Tudu, the only literate youth in the village as reported by The Hindu.

Voting is underway in 57 constituencies spread across nine districts in Bihar for the fifth and final phase of provincial elections.

A total of 1,55,43,594 people will vote to decide the fate of 827 candidates, including 58 women.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in competition with Janata Dal (United ), Congress and other coalition parties who have raised voice for the lower caste Hindus and Muslims.

Results of the elections will be announced on November 8.