NEW DELHI –  Backing his calls to make the cow a ‘national animal’, a judge at the Indian High Court has revealed his theory about the mating process of peacocks.

Speaking to reporters, Mahesh Chandra Sharma said, “Jo mor hai, yeh aajevan bhramachari hai. Kabhi bhi morni ke saath sex nahi karta hai. Iske jo aasu aate hai, morni usse chubhkar garbhavati hoti hai, mor ya morni ko janm deti hai (The peacock is a lifelong celibate. It does not have sex with peahen. The peahen gives birth after it gets impregnated with the tears of the peacock. A peacock or a peahen is then born).”

The High Court judge gave the remarks while explaining his judgment as to why the cow deserves to be given the ‘national animal’ tag. Currently the peacock is the national bird of India.

“Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cow as its national animal. India is a predominant agricultural country based in animal rearing. As per Article 48 and 51A (g), it is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for the cow in this country,” he said in his order.

“It is expected from the government that it should declare the cow as national animal and for this purpose the Chief Secretary and Advocate General of state are declared legal custodians of cow,” the judge said in the 145-page order.

Twitter went abuzz with the myth that peacocks and peahens do not engage in physical sex. The truth is that peacocks and peahens mate just like any other bird species.