KREMLIN (Web Desk) – Enraged over the downing warplane by Turkish air force, Russian President  president Vladimir Putin has now accused the United States of leaking the travel map of the jet to Turkish authorities, the Mail Online reported.

Talking to newsmen Putin said that Russia provides flight map to US mission in Syria prior to any operation and only they exactly when and where it our plane was travelling near Turkey. They leaked the information to Turkey and as a result our plane was targeted, he accused.

The Russian president also hinted at ceasing cooperation and sharing of information with United States following the alleged leak.

Flight: This map shows the route of the Russian jet (shown in red), based on data released by the Turkish army, including where it violated Turkish airspace, and the area in the Turkomen Mountains where it crashed

Meanwhile Putin has announced to join hands with France to target Islamic State group in Syria addressing a joint press conference with president Hollande.

Russia has also deployed S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to target any aerial threat to its planes in Syria.