FRANCE (Web Desk) – A French-Algerian man who stood up against the discriminatory law of Burkini ban has covered the financial penalties of three women who defied the law in France and he’s offering to do the same for others.

French authorities started to issue fines to the women who defy a recently imposed Burqini ban, but the real-estate entrepreneur offered financial help to anyone charged in that regard.

Rachid Nekkaz, a Paris native of Algerian descent, has cleared the fines issued to three women who wore the swimsuit “burkini” despite the ban, which was imposed in several French municipalities last month.

Nekkaz termed the ban “oppressive and unfair” while paying for the fines. He has pledged to do the same for more women.

Nekkaz also opposed the Burqa ban imposed in France in 2010. Moreover, he dedicated his  1 million euros to pay the 150 euro fines levied against women who chose to wear the full-body veil.

“I’m in favour of a law to convict a husband who forces a women to wear the niqab and who forces her to stay at home. I am also for a law that lets these women move freely in the streets, because freedom of movement, just like any freedom, is the most fundamental thing to democracy” he said in an interview.

Reportedly, three towns in France have fully imposed the ban on the swimwear and many others are mulling to do the same.