The Republican party will keep control of the US House of Representatives, Senate according to news network projections.

It was unclear late on Tuesday night exactly how many of its 247 seats in the 435-member House the GOP would keep, but the 2016 election cycle never provided a sufficient number of swing districts to offer Democrats a realistic path to a majority, The Independent reported.

The ABC and NBC television networks said Republicans, as widely projected in opinion polls, would keep control of the House, which has been in their hands since 2011.

Winners had been declared so far in 11 Senate races, with Democrats making a net gain of only a single seat so far. Several other key races were still seen as too close to call as polls began to close on Election Day.

According to the Independent, It would also guarantee that the US Supreme Court would swing back towards the right, with a Republican-controlled Senate approving conservative justices nominated by a Republican president.