TEHRAN – Hassan Rouhani has won Iranian presidential election with huge margin after defeating his hardliner rival Ebrahim Rayeesi.
Rouhani had received 22.8 million against Rayeesi, who won 15.5 million. Iranian state television had extended congratulations to Rouhani on his victory.

Turnout was remained high, with about 40 million of Iran’s 56 million voters, more than 70 percent, casting ballots.

A total of 56, 410,000 people were eligible to vote in the polls. Around 1,350,294 million youth were eligible to voter for the first time in their lives as the voting age in Iran is above 18 according to the law.

City and village council elections were organised in tandem with the 12th presidential vote. A total of 63,500 polling stations were set up in Iran, and hundreds more in different countries of the world.