LONDON (Web Desk) – London’s first Labour mayor in 8 years, the recently elected Sadiq Khan has welcomed the possibility of leading a trade delegation to Israel, stressing the need to improve relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities of London.

During an interview with The Times of Israel’s new British partner, the Jewish News, Khan said that he recognized that some people in the capital — both Jews and Muslims — would oppose his dedication to tolerance and coexistence.

“We’ve got to accept there are some people who say they’re Muslim, [and] some people of the Jewish faith, who don’t like the fact I’m here. That I’m sitting next to the chief rabbi,” he said at the Holocaust remembrance ceremony.

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“My message to those people is we live in the greatest city in the world and have to go get along. I’m the mayor of London, the most diverse city in the world and I’ll be everyone’s mayor. No preferential treatment but I have a role to build bridges. My signing in ceremony was deliberately designed to show the sort of a mayor I’ll be and I started as I mean to go on,” Khan said.

He added that it was a “privilege” to meet Holocaust survivors.