Saudi Arabia’s amnesty scheme for illegal workers ending today

  • 5,000 Pakistanis submitted application to avail scheme

JEDDAH – An amnesty scheme launched by Saudi Arabia for undocumented expat workers to voluntarily leave the country is going to end on Monday, July 24 (today).

Earlier, the campaign was launched for 90 days under the Interior Ministry’s “Nation without Violations” slogan, but it was extended for more 30 days on June 25 allowing illegal workers to leave the country without any fines.

The Kingdom’s General Directorate of Passports has warned illegal expatriates of stern action, including imposition of heavy fines, imprisonments, in case they do not leave the country during the given time period. The department has also announced that the time period will not be extended further.

According to Geo News, around 5,000 Pakistani illegal workers have submitted applications to avail the scheme. The Pakistani consulate is issuing travel documents to them.

According to General Directorate of Passports, around 5,72,488 undocumented workers have benefited from the amnesty.

“A Nation Without Violations” campaign was launched by Saudi Arabia on March 29 to tackle growing violators of residence, employment and border-security systems.