LONDON (Web Desk) -A muslim Nigerian closely connected to a notorious group of British Islamists has recently been stripped of his UK citizenship.

The man, termed secretly as L2 , was in Nigeria at the time. He is now challenging Theresa May’s decision at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London.

Earlier, amid fears that the suspected terrorist could return to London and organize a Paris-style attack, Home Secretary Theresa May personally signed an order revoking his British nationality in 2013.

At the hearing on Tuesday, an unnamed secret services agent told the court that during his time in Britain, L2 had been a member of the now banned group of radicals, al Muhajiroun.

An MI6 agent present during the hearings said that through his other experiences L2, who retains Nigerian citizenship as well, was also directly associated with close friends of Lee Rigby’s killer.

He also said L2 had fought for Al Qaeda against French forces in Mali. In 2007, L2 had also “engaged in terror related activity” in Turkey.

“We were trying to prevent L2 bringing back the expertise he would have learnt with AQIM and so a deprivation order was the best course to take,” he told.

According to details, L2’s appeal today was held in a closed session so that secret evidence may be presented to the judge. Neither L2 nor his lawyers were allowed to be present at the hearing.