SEOUL – Liberal politician Moon Jae-in, who marks victory in elections, has taken oath as new president amid promises of increasing contact with North Korea.

The 64-year-old human rights lawyer, known for his liberal views, made his way to premier office ending a decade-long rule of conservatives.

According to the National Election Commission, with eighty percent votes counted, Moon was ahead with forty percent.

A conservative challenger Hong Joon-pyo, was next with 25.5 percent followed by centrist candidate Ahn Cheol-soo with 21.4 percent.

Moon has also pledged to shore up a fragile economy, and wants to enhance ties with North Korea, in a departure from current policy.

Moon was sworn in as 19th president of the state at the National Assembly building in Seoul, filling a leadership vacuum in the wake of Park Geun-hye’s removal.