NEW DELHI (News Desk) – A group of people dumped a truckload of cow remains in front of the collector’s office in Surendranagar district in Gujarat, while they were protesting against an attack on four Dalit boys on the allegation of cow slaughter.

According to Indian media, the group of the low caste -Dalits- also have consumed poison in an effort to commit suicide as a protest against the incident. All of them were taken to the hospital where they are being given treatment.

Meanwhile, protest rallies are also being held in all major towns in Gujarat. On Monday, the protest turned violent when they set two state-owned buses on fire.

On the occasion. they also dumped a truckload of cow remains, refusing to bury them until a serious action is taken against those involved in the public flogging of the four Dalits accused cow slaughter.

The local administration has said that officials are trying to normalise the situation, further urging the protesters to remain calm.