Taliban spokesperson vows to transform Afghanistan into “graveyard of US empire” after Trump’s policy announcement

  • Afghanistan was not a threat to anyone and US forces have tested Afghans for around 16 years: Zabihullah Mujahid
  • Liberating Afghanistan from American occupation is religious obligation and national duty: Taliban spox

KABUL – Hours after the announcement of a harsh Afghan policy by US President Donald Trump, a spokesperson for Taliban vowed to continue Jihad against the US troops with a resolve to transform Afghanistan into the graveyard of US empire.

Zabihullah Mujahid, while reacting to the Donald Trump’s policy to wipe out terrorism from Pakistan’s neighbour, Afghanistan, stated that US was not realising the ground realities and was hell-bent to keep forces on the ground considering Afghan soil, a threat to itself.

The official further threatened that as long as a single American soldier remains in Afghanistan, Taliban would sustain Jihad against them with ‘lofty spirits, absolute determination and additional firmness’.

‘Put pressure on Pakistan,’ Trump’s new Afghan war strategy unveiled

Quoting that Afghans have been tested by US forces for around 16 years, Mujahid’s message stated that liberating the land of Afghanistan from the American occupation was a religious obligation and national duty.

“We shall remain true to this duty so long as souls remain in our bodies,” it said.

Advising America to mull over the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the spokesperson stated that there would be further losses to the already embattled US forces.

“The Afghan Mujahid nation is neither tired nor will it ever get tired in pursuit of winning their freedom and establishing an Islamic system,” stated Zabihullah Mujahid.

The most noticeable threat posed to US in the brief remarks by the Taliban is that Afghanistan would be transformed into ‘graveyard of US empire’ if the occupying troops were not withdrawn.

The spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also claimed that Afghanistan was not a threat to anyone and all allegations in this regard were the outcome of propaganda by intelligence agencies.

It is relevant to mention that the US is looking forward to new options in Afghanistan under Trump’s chair, who announced a fresh policy for the war-torn region with a resolve to keep forces on the ground.

Trump, who entered Oval office on January 20th with a commitment to pull back troops from Afghanistan reshaped his policy in Monday’s presser while taking the plea that hasty evacuation would create space for terrorists.

The tycoon-turned-president also hinted at increasing US presence in Afghanistan but avoid telling number of troops.

According to Fox News, Trump has approved the deployment of additional 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, apparently listening to appeals from his generals.

Apart from Afghanistan, Trump also ramped up pressure on Pakistan, its closest ally to avoid alleged ‘harbouring of safe havens of terrorists’.